Personal Strategies


The Kessling Financial Group represents many of the finest insurance carriers in the world. KFG may recommend term, whole, or universal life insurance products as a part of your personal financial planning strategy.Life insurance may be provided as a death benefit to a loved one, to help defray debt upon your death, or provide cash to you as a part of your retirement portfolio. We can craft a program that is affordable and designed specifically for you, contact us to schedule a review of your financial house.


Annuities are used to supplement and guarantee income for the annuitant's lifetime. Guaranteed income annuities are particularly important for retirees who want an income that they cannot outlive. Other kinds of annuities can be used to build wealth on a tax favored basis, which can save significant taxes. We take pride in developing annuities that complement your existing portfolio. We represent a variety of companies with products that may be right for you.


Disability insurance will provide income if you are injured unexpectedly or become sick for an extended period of time. A properly designed disability income policy can assist you with paying your bills, your mortgage, retirement. Be prepared. Contact our advisors for information about policies that can serve as your lifeboat. Learn more about Lifeboats here.


Long Term Care or Extended Care is one of the most important and popular risk management tools available to protect your wealth. Since people are living longer, the probability of needing care is likely. LTC policies ease the significant financial burden of in-home andfacility care. Properly designed Long Term Care strategies can also protect your savings, retirement assets, and future gifts upon death. These products are a part of a defensive financial strategy. To learn more about protecting your wealth, click here.