Moats and Lifeboats:

Two strategies for protecting your financial future

Moats surround a fortress to deter offensive attacks. Warren Buffet coined the phrase “economic moat” when referring to a business's ability to maintain competitive advantages in order to protect long-term profits and market share. Economic moats might also help ensure your personal assets are protected from the factors facing today's investors.


Shipbuilders’ magazine described the Titanic as ”practically unsinkable”. As we know, this was not the case. Despite warnings from a nearby ship, the Titanic did sink--quickly:

1:45 pm: a nearby ship warns the Titanic of the iceberg

11:40 pm: warnings are generally unheeded; the Titanic hits the iceberg, leaving passengers were astonished and unprepared

12:40 am: the first lifeboat was lowered

2:00 am: the waterline reaches forward boat deck

2:20 am: less than a day after the initial warning, the Titanic is fully submerged

Financial icebergs threaten our portfolio values. The Kessling Financial Group seeks to help our investors plan for, and avoid financial icebergs: Inflation
Technological Change
Planned Obsolescence
Financial Expenses
Lost-Opportunity Costs
Interest-Rate Declines
Stock Market Declines
Loans and Interest Changes
Un-imbursed Medical Expenses

Over four decades, we have conducted nearly 16,000 individual meetings. We work with individuals and their attorneys and tax advisors to help create sound, defensive economic moat and lifeboat options.